Reworking an old section

I started scenic works on the westend section of Elizabeth Oaks nearly 3 years ago. I handled this section always as a test environment for some basic skills and techniques like weathering and ballasting the track.
While scenic work proceeded eastbound I felt more uncomfortable with the first section.
So I stepped up the plate and reworked the section throughout.

The section prior rework. I felt the rock face somewhat misplaced, and it was time to add a real forest.
Removed rock face, filled the hill and painted the spot with earth colored paint. I also removed the grass and added service roads on both sides of the track
Basic forest ground texture in place, I use a mix of fine medium green turf and backyard dirt. Dead wood are shredded twigs.
And after all dried and with some hours out in the garage making trees
and after some more time in the garage … Voila the new look of the whole scene


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