Custom ATLAS MP15DC Part 2

Work continued on the MP15DC.I spraypainted all parts to match Unions Green/Yellow paint scheme. And also faded the trucks and fuel-tank to a light grey, for better visual effects. The will get toned down later to a dark grey / black. Followed by appling the custom decals …. Next Step : Weathering .. stay...

New Item

I updated my catalog. I now offer fire hydrants after common US prototype. They are resin parts, that come pre-painted in red. Each pack includes 4 hydrants. You can find them here :

Detail parts

I am currently working on some neat detail parts to enhance your N-Scale motive power. I will add the following parts to my catalog later this, all parts are curently beeing proof tested but here is a sneak peak : Nose bell for ATLAS GP9 Steam generator exhaust and intake for ATLS GP9 5...

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