My catalog is currently offline – due some software updates taking it to a new more efficent system.

You can still email me for orders via

I expect the catalog beeing online again at 2020/11/6

Thank you for your patience.

Update: 2020-11-06 The catalog is back online !

Custom ATLAS MP15DC Part 2

Work continued on the MP15DC.
I spraypainted all parts to match Unions Green/Yellow paint scheme.

And also faded the trucks and fuel-tank to a light grey, for better visual effects. The will get toned down later to a dark grey / black.

Followed by appling the custom decals ….

Next Step : Weathering .. stay tuned

Tiny parts alert – a possible mission

I was asked by a customer to make a headlight insert for an Atlas RS 1 shell he wanted to convert to a different railroad. He needed a insert with two independent lights side by side. Well needless to say I like to tinker around at nearly impossible stuff.
The diameter of the insert is 2 mm, with two 0.6 mm openings for the lights. 3D printed in grey resin. Additional I made the lightblocks, which fit snugg into the insert on one side and the hole in the shell on the other. They are also 3D printed in clear resin.


Currently on my workbench is a custom project. I will convert a stock ATLAS EMD MP15DC into an MP15 for Union Railroad (URR) #13. MY client had the special request to add the URR typical walkways and raised sand hatches to the model.

I drew a template for the walkways and had it photo etched from nicklesilver by a local specialist. I turned out very good. The sand hatches were 3D desingned and resin printed by myself.

Here is the curent working state, showing the stripped shell with attached walkways and hatches.


Detail parts

I am currently working on some neat detail parts to enhance your N-Scale motive power.

I will add the following parts to my catalog later this, all parts are curently beeing proof tested but here is a sneak peak :

Nose bell for ATLAS GP9
Steam generator exhaust and intake for ATLS GP9
5 chime horn for ATLS GP9

Replacement Tank with siede tubes and frame skirt for ATLAS GP9


Curved exhaust stacks KATO NW2 (not shown)
Replacement dual headlights including lens for KATO NW2






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