Engine Service Area Part 1

After I finished the engine shed, it is now time to finish off the rest of the service area scene at Elizabeth Oaks.

With a tweak in the general track arrangement I was able to have one dedicated track for fuel/sand loads and for caboose storage behind the two main engine tracks. Now I had to find the perfect place for the sanding tower to serve both engine tracks

The photo below shows the overall scene with a raw assembled Walthers kit.


As the overall look of the tower dimensions seem to be correct, I found that the included ladders and safety railings are out of scale. I decided to add some etched brass ladders to the tower and replace the plastic railings and pipes with some scratch built ones.

After I assembled the tower structure, I removed the molded eyes for the railings and all other braces and filled the gaps and holes with putty.


The safety ladders were easy to set up, I cut out the ladder from the sprue and gently wrap the cage around a stick to get the round shape. With this done I soldered the cage to the ladder leaving the cage one section longer than the ladder top.

I added bracings made of brass wire to the ladder, drilled holes into the tower head to plug in the bracings. The safety railing are made out of brass wire and soldered together using a drawn template.

Also the sand pipes are soldered after a drawn template, I adapted the height and length to match my given situation.

The photos below show a final test fit to ensure the overall appearance is pleasing. The container incorporates the sand dryer and compressor. Sand hoses are made from black single stranded wire.



Engine Shed for Elizabeth Oaks

Lately I was busy to get a long term project done. Elizabeth Oaks Yard is a place on my layout where changes in track configuration occurred often in the past four years. Along with the rearrangement of the tracks, I was shuffling around the right spot for an engine shed.

Now with the most recent update to the yard/shop configuration I found a neat place behind the turntable. I decided to add a single stall shed with a little adjacent building.

After nailing down the minimum space requirements, I had to decide whether I would go with a full sized shed on the cost of track length – there would be no room to store a loco in front of the shed, or go with a relief building to free more track length in front of the shed. I decided on the later option and went with the relief – did I mention that this section has a curved backdrop ? Fun with serveral paper templates to get the correct wall lenght.

The base structure is made of evergreen V-groove sheets reinforced by 2×2 mm styrene strips on the back of each siding. The rollup door is made of the same material, but I scribed every second groove and secured the segments with tape on the back.



I will add a corrugated roof later after the structure is primed in a light grey color.


Shed with roof on its later place, ready for some weathering.


The finished shed, it will take some more time to get a ton of tiny parts in place around the area.





Reworking an old section

I started scenic works on the westend section of Elizabeth Oaks nearly 3 years ago. I handled this section always as a test environment for some basic skills and techniques like weathering and ballasting the track.
While scenic work proceeded eastbound I felt more uncomfortable with the first section.
So I stepped up the plate and reworked the section throughout.

The section prior rework. I felt the rock face somewhat misplaced, and it was time to add a real forest.
Removed rock face, filled the hill and painted the spot with earth colored paint. I also removed the grass and added service roads on both sides of the track
Basic forest ground texture in place, I use a mix of fine medium green turf and backyard dirt. Dead wood are shredded twigs.
And after all dried and with some hours out in the garage making trees
and after some more time in the garage … Voila the new look of the whole scene


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