New product announcement

Hi folks, I am very pleased to announce my newest product release to get even more realistic scenery to your model railroad.

I have released a set of blue warning labels “blue flags”, commonly used to protect tracks where railcars are stored for loading or unloading. Red colored signs will be available in short, just in case you need them.

The signs come in five different types for the blue version an two types for the red version. They can easily snaped on your track where you need them. The signs currently tested to work with ATLAS Code 55 track but are likely to work with other N scale rails as well as the clamp is sort of flexible.

You can choose your sign text among these five :

STOP car unloading
STOP car loading
STOP car connected
STOP men at work

The detailpage of the signs can be found here.
Feel free to browse through my shop and place your order at  

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