FXE #4601 GE ES 44 AC

Recently finished another custom weathering job. This time a GE ES 44 AC, representing the Ferromex Ferrocarril Méxicano #4601.

Weathering was requested after a prototype photo, showing a some heavy sun bleaching on the red-colored parts. But it seems the have repainted the brake-wheel.

Credits to Andrew B, who posted this great image on  rrpicturearchives.net

Custom details URR MP15

I did a URR MP15DC in the past. Today I had three more engines on my workbech to add the special sandhatches and walkways.

Sandhatches are resin printed parts I designed after proto-photos to fit the stock sandhatch.
Walkways are photo etched nickle-silver parts.

Below are two of them, with a decent weathering.


The idea behind …

When we started our modelmaking back in 2017 our Switchstand was the first model we released.

The story behind it is simple – I was searching the N-Scale market for some good looking stands for my own modelrailroad. But wasn’t confident with what I found. I always wanted the stands that mimic the open cast iron ones and represent much proto details as possible. So I sat down and designed my stand to match prototype apperance and dimensions, as well as it would fit the switch tie spacing on ATLAS Code 55 turnouts.

CAD rendering of the switchstand

With the handlever being only 0.25 mm in diameter and the overal socket being only 4 mm tall I use access to an industry grade high end 3D printer to get all the details on the model, such as the hand lever, nuts and bolts. But the final assembly and painting is done by hand.  A quit tendious work but in the end you own a unique detail part.

You can find the Switchstands in my catalog

Custom ATLAS MP15DC Part 2

Work continued on the MP15DC.
I spraypainted all parts to match Unions Green/Yellow paint scheme.

And also faded the trucks and fuel-tank to a light grey, for better visual effects. The will get toned down later to a dark grey / black.

Followed by appling the custom decals ….

Next Step : Weathering .. stay tuned

Tiny parts alert – a possible mission

I was asked by a customer to make a headlight insert for an Atlas RS 1 shell he wanted to convert to a different railroad. He needed a insert with two independent lights side by side. Well needless to say I like to tinker around at nearly impossible stuff.
The diameter of the insert is 2 mm, with two 0.6 mm openings for the lights. 3D printed in grey resin. Additional I made the lightblocks, which fit snugg into the insert on one side and the hole in the shell on the other. They are also 3D printed in clear resin.

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