Coolboxes for your switchers

First view of my most recent stuff, which will be available early 2019.

This time something for the cold (and non alc) beverage during your shift.

Cool, realy cool N-Scale coolbox as seen on the short end of EMD SW and other switchers.

Boxes come with molded on lid and handles. Size : 4 x 2 x 2 mm #freakysmallstuff  #merryxmas


From the workbench

I am testing a new scenic model, a traffic cone. I set up the model for a 18 in tall version. I am planing to release two versions, one full colored red and one with two white/silver stripes (more common in Germany / Europe)

The first run of models is designed and is currently in the printing process. I will keep an update on how it develops.




Weathering after prototype II

The most recent addition to my proto-weathered collection is done.

This time an old Roundhouse N-Scale “Route Rock” boxcar was the victim. Like to say business as usual – scribbed of the factory lettering for CAPY and COTS, aribrush/acryl fading to a very light blue, removed the fading from the big R and added new and custom printed CAPY, COTS, and reporting marks.

Next was the big rust bleeds and scratches all done with powdered pastels – tendious work but the final result is mind blowing.

A proto photo can be found here :


The comparison to the stock paint shows the heavy fading.


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