PRR position light signal

After some time spending on the “best-practice” for assembling the multi-parts head on the PL I came around with a good alteration of the prototype. Photo below shows the last testrun. Tiny SMD 0402 inserted into the lamp holes, and the head glued to the crossarm section.



I also managed to get some more detail parts done, the 3D printed bae and some photo etched ladders and plattforms.



And last but not least, I manged to get the firmware running on the chip and with a littel help I manged to design a circuit board which will incorporate the mast socket and 6 input ports arcording to match the output on a SE8C from Digitrax Inc.


PRR style signals

A working PRR style position light signal in N-Scale ?

My current effort is to make this model available at least for my C&E layout where I need want to install signal protection on two junctions.

At present I spent more than 150 hours of labor and research into this project, starting back in 2016 with an idea on charlieplexing 16 LEDs needed by a full aspect PL.

With this I could reduce the 16 x 2 wires to only 5 wires for the full mast.

Below are two sample vids

First test with 3 mm LED and individual control :

Second test with 0402 SMD in an scale signal head :

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